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Without the title it would have taken me longer to understand lol at first I thought she was naked or something cool idea though


guys, have you never noticed how silhouettes change at an angle? see the sheet is blowing? hence the feet thing?
i think it is wonderful: suburban super-mom!
made me smile : )

Manos profile pic Alumni

It is such a great idea and very well executed, probably only the basket looks a bit flat, other then that I'm well impressed with the concepts you come up with.

One last thing and don't take offence Glennz... but not everything has to go on a t-shirt. For example this current one in my opinion whould have been best on paper (poster, magazine, etc etc).

Well done mate waiting to see the next :)

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Very clever idea that goes beyond most of the work on this site in how far out there it goes. It's nice to see something more serious and less toungue-in-cheek from you, too. Gotta agree, though, that it looks more like the kids are saying "Look, Mommy's naked." at first glance.


my mom doesn't look like that

Ava Adore

lol. nice.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

very unique idea. well done.

I hate you, damn kiwis.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

hahaah..it's great!


This is an amazing idea, but I think I'd only wear it if I was actually a mom.


my first impression was they were pointing as if to say "ooh She's naked." yeah make her look like she's wearing something, or make the "cape" more connected to her.


That's awesome. I love these shirts (Glennz')


LOVE the idea.

only problem is that she does look naked, takes a second glance to notice the cape. play with her positioning/perspective a bit, and give her some clothes. she can have on a cape even while she's got on capris and a collared tee or something.


Glennz profile pic Artist

This getting quite scientific! - Beeski was right on, the delema was trying to keep the streamlined look of a superhero outfit but also not make her look naked, hence the slight bump on her hips - maybe a bit sublte. either way as long as the general concept is understood quickly I guess thats what makes a design work or not work, details like the clothing are secondary to that, but I agree, its good to get it all working, - easily fixed


Robsoul, i hate you.

Make her look more naked, and make them both boys...


love the idea, hope it gets printed

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