Every Direction

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Every Direction by flaxenjasper on Threadless
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I'm at a point in my life where I am detaching myself from outside influences and have realized it isn't up to anyone else besides myself to manipulate the direction of my life choices. Whether it be you take every road available, or just choose one, it's authentic to you! I mean, shouldn't we all have the capability to chose for ourselves without others saying otherwise?rnrnI tried to show that in this design, using an "oxymoron" of symbol and words, if you will, however comical and interesting. This would be my favorite tee because the message would resonate for everyone who sees it! Hope you all like it!rnrn


Love it! $.


Love it! I think I'll go . . . everywhichway


damn, wich way !!


Seems like it says "ambiguous."

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