Every Apple Goes Bad Eventually.

Design by Jack Noel

Every Apple Goes Bad Eventually. by Jack Noel on Threadless
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I don't know squat about guitars or the mnemonic devices used to teach chords, so honestly, I didn't get this at all. I kept thinking "where's the apple?" As far as the design is concerned, I see the guitar in it now, but I was lost before you explained it. Perhaps the colors and the chopped off feeling of the strings take away from the idea you want to present. Also the white bubbles are kind of distracting. I would agree with Smitty, make this look as much like a guitar as possible to get your point across.


for some reason, i want sushi now.


MadMike's point about making the strings more real-looking is right on point.


Also, maybe move the graphic lower on the body to mimic the positioning on a guitar? Just a thought.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Ah so that's a good reminder of chord tuning!

renfrue profile pic Alumni

i'll buy this for a friend fo' sure


I play guitar everyday, I don't need a mnemonic device to remember 6 letters, I also don't need a tongue depresser shirt

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