eternal Love

Design by jstumpenhorst

eternal Love by jstumpenhorst on Threadless
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I really like this... It's like showing everything below the surface


Great concept !


u really like it. nice and simple. i'd wear it


Love. Do agree that root could be attached to tree and stump.


simple and beautifull

jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist

thanks for all of the great positive feedback so far! i really liked the concept of this design. some of you made some valid points about how i handled it. some people are addressing how i drew the roots. i intentionally drew them to more or less suggest roots rather than literally represent them. i wanted to create a certain mood with how they flowed through the design. thanks for your input and i will keep those things in mind when trying to express similar ideas in my designs!


so sweet/sad! you did a great job at evoking emotion, it looks like =) great job!


I was just thinking... Maybe if the trees were done in a different style, like something to make it look a little more old-fashioned, it may look a little nicer. Maybe like the linework used in "The Average Bear". But it's really awesome the way it is :)

jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist

i am very honored to have been getting such great comments from everyone. i really liked the concept of this design and i'm glad that you all have as well. thank you all!


So sad ;__;


love it, reminds me of my childhood favortie the giving tree. love it!

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