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Big Ed

I would like this a lot if it was showing anything else on the screen besides the Jenny thing. I'm kind of tired of that.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

On Heather Grey shirt and centered I would think about buying this, I like the concept.


the placement is really bad.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

why do people sit and comment on their own work and have a running dialog while it's still up for voting? isn't that what the blogs are for?

I'm just gonna hit skip on this one cause seeing 5 Andy Mason comments has made me angry and will force me to vote lower.
Stop explaining your design and clarifying things and let it speak for itself....SKIP

.onion profile pic Alumni

great concept :D

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

that song drove telephone companies NUTS! really great strategy for a song.

d3d profile pic Alumni

god that'd suck. texting is a big enough pain in the arse already.


thats hilarious...

i like how it would virtually be impossible to even close that sucker! i love mixing modern technology with anything from the 80s...

now build me a time machine so i can go back!

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

very clever idea

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