Escape from it all

Design by stalliongsta

Escape from it all by stalliongsta on Threadless
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I was curious to see if this had gone through critique and ended up finding your original critique and submission. I actually think it was stronger when it was just "escape." Your presentation is much improved and helps illustrate the coolness of the concept. The only thing for me is that the words are still really hard to read. I'm wondering if it would be stronger if you filled the whole path with UV ink instead of just using a line. Good luck.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

:) Love it! Especially with the UV element.


I agree, just say ESACAPE

stalliongsta profile pic Artist

thanks for your comments.

the previous version of this design got some complaints that it was too small or too square. so i made the maze bigger, but then there was a bunch of "empty" maze at the bottom of the shirt, so i had to make the message longer to compensate.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I don't mind if it says ESCAPE FROM IT ALL or ESCAPE, both ways it's a really nice idea here. I've seen the concept before but never this well thought-out. I'd like a little more unique kind of maze but that's kind of the point, the monotony of the maze and its relentless repeating patterns and getting the hell out of there and on to more adventurous things. I really enjoy this as is.



I must have this shirt.... I have been waiting for a good maze design... this definitely qualifies...


i like it and i agree with frickinawesome the monotony of the maze its kind of the point

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