Enmity Gardens

Design by thunderpeel

Enmity Gardens



sage. ash grey, khaki, brown, burgundy (then the bunny could have red eyes!) - anything but light blue - please...

don't make me buy one more damn baby blue shirt


I could totally see this getting printed.

I don't love baby blue either, but if you change the colour, keep it light - it adds a great dimension to the design by contrasting with the sinister intentions of the characters.

I probably wouldn't wear it, but it's nicely executed, so 4.

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this is FUN and SUPER great!!! 5 from me!!! PRINT THIS pls!


This is great!


NICE. I wish the animals were more cutesy cartoony like. I love how they both seem relaxed with the legs crossed, best part is definitely the red wine. overall gj

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i NEVER ask for cutsy designs, but wouldn't this be a cool statement for our times if the two groups with different psychical and ideological differences just put everything aside and relax in front of a fireplace with a nice sifter of brandy and enjoy each other's view of the world? Or we could have a fairy tale version of the clue movie like it is presented here.

herky profile pic Alumni

great scene and illustration.

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Love the illustration and concept, just not the colors as much.


I really like this shirt! My only issue: wouldn't it make more sense if the weapons were reversed? A mace would be perfect for hammering open a shell, an axe just right for executing a rodent...

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wonderful design

R G profile pic Alumni

I like this a lot, youve got talent!


yes please!! would look amazing on sage.....5+£

huebucket profile pic Alumni

hahaha awesome!!$5


rippin' style, holmes!

Alex M. Solefish

oh my God. This shirt has to be brought into existence.

no disassemble

Fabulous! I would definitely buy this. I love the little weapons...


I love the mace and the hatchet! i would SO buy it!

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

Love the colors and all the textures! Feels like a story book illustration with an element of danger added in. 5$

Ava Adore

awesome illus, awesome colours. cha-ching!


It's cute. Even funnier because it looks like the turtle isn't even holding his weapon - it's kinda just floating near his hand. :) 5$

neon nimrod

crazy cracked out rabbit ya got there..
little does he know, the wine is laced w/ arsenic


Heh, heh, it made me do a double-take! Excellent illustration.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

ha this'll be printed

thunderpeel profile pic Artist

This might be a smidge late, but a mighty thanks to everyone who voted for Ole' Enmity! :) You guys rock

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