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Atomic sunset
On a tropical island
I rate five dollar


the entire design just screams The 80s, and while I do love the 80s, I think it may be time to let them go.

Sassmo profile pic Artist

Ummm... it'll never be time to let the 80's go...

Thanks for the haiku Deboraborialis... I'm gonna put you on my STP list because you're cool like that.

Sassmo profile pic Artist

what about pasting it on the back? along the spine maybe?
pretty hot design either way...

Sassmo profile pic Artist

Hahaha... that's what I get for leaving myself logged in on my girlfriend's computer...
Comments about how hot my design is from myself...


"nice colors - but, it's wasted on something that could be airbrushed on a tshirt at any third rate amusement park. "

^ that's from your first submission, and sadly i'd have to say it still holds true

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