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What's up with that arm??

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

has music notes become the new vector everyone is putting into their designs?
if so, i really don't get it. what does any of this mean? what do the vector swirls mean? do they symbolize singing?
if so then why are there droplets above her head? is this not as innocent a design as it first seems? is someone threatening to chop off her head lest she stop singing?

there's a lot of generic things going on in this and it really isn't going to get you printed. :\ best to think of a concrete idea/concept and go at it by hand instead of relying on imagery that is ready for you to use.

don't take this too harshly, it's just the truth.


the only thing i can agree on is the splatter effect, I think its original and very good. I saw this when it was getting critiqued and I am disappointed that you lightened up the musical notes, I thought they looked much better when they were just a few shades lighter than the tee.


Gaaaah, with the music notes... I guess they're just as played as hearts on this site, though. Good work! I probably'd actually buy it, too, if the notes were shiny, or the splatter...


why do people look deeply into the picture. its a tee. im not sure about you but i dont stare at peoples torsos and imagine what there shirt means.
i love it, only thing id say is make the splat or person bigger

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