End Result of a Monkey Knife Fight

Design by Ketchup Face

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its funny, but i don't like the look of the monkey, i have to admit though i laughed out loud when i read the words.




the sfweekly article is very interesting, although not really anything to do with this shirt. it raises an interesting point about the issue (or possibility) of people (in this case corporations) claiming responsibility for graffiti in order to use the hype it has created. i think that that is an interesting addition to the conversation we were having about copyright and using ideas you've seen on graffiti (in relation to the can't sleep, must warn others tee, or whatever it was, i forgotten the exact text). if anyone cares that is ;-)

as for this shirt, i don't really like the style of illustration. but the words/idea are funny and reading that sfweekly article has added some interesting weight to the idea for me, even though ketchup face wasn't referencing that.

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