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butler> lol...shit happens! ANyway, if you have a link, i could see it ^^. As it's a personal work ( i did the pattern in 1997 !!!! i could even put in on the blog...why not ^^) i don't think you'll see some designs that look like mine ;-)

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thanks ^^. kerrick> sigil? what is that?

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks man for the link...but sriously i don't find any connection except the fact that it is a world round ;-) ANyway, the tee shirt "as the world turns" is really nice...

Jebs profile pic Artist

... You really think i was inspired by those designs??? PLeaaaaaaaase!!!!! I am new here, i don't know the other designs printed...and i never take the other ideas. Of course, we are all human, and sometimes, we have the same ideas: but here, i don't see the link between my work and those... But i repeat: the designs you pointed out are very nice ;-)


Nice Cereal box maze.


Orange is not my fave color..but I do like the design!


If I see one more globe design I'm going to stab myself.

But otherwise, it's a nice style.


Too much like we are made of carbon, except I don't like this one as much.

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