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Luke... profile pic Artist

laurosaur, thats is the best comment i have ever recieved...you really made me laugh...i love japanese rock, [and sitcoms] just for that very reason.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I really do like the design and the type treatment but I'm hesitant about it hmmmmm at least to wear it... I think because of the type. The wheels beautiful look though with the aging.


Can that hairline distressing really be printed? If it could, I would be surprised. Does anyone know for a fact that that much detail can be done?

Luke... profile pic Artist

what are all these game refs. ?
i havent been a gamer since well, since playstation 1...and that was mostly for gran turismo...mmmm love racing cars...

if there is a similarity to another concept about the same emotions of working, that it is merely coincidence. since i have never played any role-playing games...[after intensive research i discoverred that WoW is world of warcraft, and EQ is everquest, right?]

but if you like those refrences, then like tony says " grrrrrreat!!!"

to answer the fine detail comments, no threadless's screen printers cannot print that much detail, but the more that is there the less that will be lost, so think of it as overkill on the design so that it comes out right on the screen print.


I love that an old cliché like "the daily grind" makes people first think of MMORPGs. What's next, "the rat race?" I mean, you do start out killing rats in EQ. ;)

Anyway, in a game level grinding is when you repeatedly kill the same creatures in an area to slowly gain experience to the next level. It's basically the same thing as going to work each day and slowly trying to climb the ladder. It works either way.

Luke... profile pic Artist

thanks for that explanation rholliday.
seems that the game designers and myself think the same way.
well, in a way i am kinda glad people are seeing that reference, it adds another 'level' to the design [haha, that was a bad pun]

well maybe all the gamers will come out and score this one high...haha

Bramish profile pic Alumni

^You're wrong


iunno andonium
people are pretty damn stupid


this is one of my faves of your latest design style!


what a stupid score!

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