emoticon liberation organization

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emoticon liberation organization by indiepop on Threadless
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Ironspy profile pic Alumni

why can't we have just the emoticon and not the unneeded guy with the hat?

indiepop profile pic Artist

Ironspy, I thought about that after submitting it, and would gladly do it without the cameo in the center

i was trying to achieve a Chè-like presence in the middle, something that would give this random picture of this random guy a Chè-like quality

indiepop profile pic Artist

I don't know what I was babbling on about just then. "Chè" bwahahaha WHAT??

For future votes, please add comment: with or without the center cameo?

indiepop profile pic Artist

seems like some people like the cameo alone, some people like the other part alone. should i split this into two seperate shirts?

indiepop profile pic Artist

a highly photoshopped image made to be as non-descript as possible

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