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...It's really not THAT emo.
I hate how everyone just assumes that now, it's turned into such a vague definition.

I like her face.

_Wheels03 profile pic Artist

Alright, so far I'm hearing the design would look best in black. What might be some other things that would help this shirt really stand out?

_Wheels03 profile pic Artist

Man, I knew I should of kept up with my t-shirt design handbook. I totally forgot that the “dirty and distressed” look went out last year, I apologize. I’ll be sure to update it as soon as possible! ;)


She needs a bottom lip, at least a suggestion of one.


^ yeah, lack of a bottom lip kinda creeps me out.

also, i'd take tastes.insincere & roboflavinoid's comments seriously.. throwing an abstract thingy behind a girl's head doesn't make this too great, and it would be better if the design was somehow integrated with her image (such as crazy hair).

_Wheels03 profile pic Artist

LOL, your prayers have been answered! Be sure to check out my guy vector design very soon.


I love the lines the way they are. Also, I like it in white on the dark background. So in other words, I like it exactly as is.

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