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this is really beautiful!


brilliant.. i want one.

Tom Brazelton
Tom Brazelton profile pic Artist

There have been a few people who have left comments that they're not down with green. What color do you think this image would look best on? I'm open to suggestions! If the shirt doesn't get selected for production, I may submit it a second time against a different colored shirt.

cintrao profile pic Alumni

I'd buy it


green is good for this indeed.....the illo is very good, but i wouldn't wear it........you're fired

Tom Brazelton
Tom Brazelton profile pic Artist

Since there's only one day left at the time of this comment, I wanted to answer tasty palet's question...

The meaning isn't anything profound. It's a kind of rebirth metaphor. I think it represents the resiliance of life - How it can spring up where you least expect it.

Truthfully, I had the image in my head before I developed the meaning. Now watch - Everyone is going to reject the psuedo-intelectual b.s. and start voting "0"...

Tom Brazelton
Tom Brazelton profile pic Artist

That's a very nice thing to say, float! Thank you!

Any idea what Threadless' turn around time is for printing scored submissions? Still kind of a "newb" to this. I don't quite understand the mechanics of their selection.

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