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nes-k profile pic Alumni

nice !


Brilliant. I like it without the text. People who don't get it without the text, still wouldn't get it if it was spelled out.

tomburns profile pic Artist

haha, well the title kinda limits me to einstein and something with 'mc' in it, but thanks!!

tomburns profile pic Artist

i did the drawing from a photo, so it is proportionate. the reason i separated the head instead of just taking the parts out was that i would lose too much to make it obviously resemble ole' albert. thanks for the comments tho! :)


I would like to point out that whoever buys the shirt will know what the title is--and if they forget, isn't it printed on the inside collar?

Title text on shirts=lame.

Blue is the best.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

hehe, he's like the peeling of a kiwi fruit. love him on the green! Sweet!


I LOVE it! Exactly as it IS!

If you DO add the title to the shirt, I would definitely subdue it so that it blends with the shirt color and doesn't stand out much.... also, you might consider drawing it in chalk and scanning it instead of using a font. $5


If this gets reprinted would you please consider printing the girls' tees in black, dark blue or dark purple? Thank you :)

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