Embrace Difference

Design by PrincessJellyfish

Embrace Difference by PrincessJellyfish on Threadless
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I like the design, I would try to makeso the chord actually looks like it's writing the text. More loopy or something


the versions with white ink look off... the shading is white, when it should be dark, if you see what i mean


my first thought was the same as dulosis, i would use "differences" rather than "difference"

the only problem i have with the text is the extra crossover that leads to the input jack and then the white space separating the two... although, i do understand that you want that back toward the center to keep the focus...

as far as color schemes, i believe this shirt has the potential to be one of those epically great shirts that could justifiably be printed in whatever colors you want... i'd prefer red with black rather than with the white that's shown, but i don't think any of them look bad...

well done!

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