elusive & tasty: the martini olive butterfly

Design by d5christ

elusive & tasty: the martini olive butterfly by d5christ on Threadless
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in the midwestern united states it is known as the 'martini sucker'

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.....it is in the same genus as the monarch - the monarch species itself is - 'Danaus plexippus'

(not that it is important)

Monkey II
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Well done.
very subbtle....


jmartinek is right. You know how butterflies are caught and stabbed through the middle with a pin and put in a glass box to be viewed? That's how it should appear. If you changed it to where it slightly resembled a monarch with it pinned down by the little martini sword, it would be a way more awesome shirt. I like your concept, but if you tweaked the drawing a bit I'd give it a $5 for sure.

also I think it'd be good if you put the "Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Lepidoptera Family: Danaidae Genus: Danaus" on there but changed Danaus to something more creative like 'Danaus olivera' or something. make up a species name.

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