Elf of the Bricks

Design by rodrigobhz

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rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

"One Brick to rule them all..."

It's finally up! Thanks all you guys who helped me in critiques! I really appreciate it!

There's not much to say about this one. If you know the guy's name, you got the pun :) I hope LEGO lovers, Tolkien lovers and all you people like it.

There's no specialty inks or print methods. 8 colors in green (works on sagestone, army green), chocolate or natural t-shirt. You can see a large preview, models and the print version here:

Design Detail

Chocolate T-Shirt

Natural T-Shirt


Pick one and score!

Thanks for voting!


Yay, finally!

dacat profile pic Alumni

finally Great job $5

andyg profile pic Alumni

Brilliant work! Looks stunning on the tee. 5$



herky profile pic Alumni



Brillant idea, man! $5


tendi nada. eu nunca entendo nada. mas tá bonitona. ops. pode falar brasileiro aqui? hehe

briancook profile pic Alumni

Too bad you had to change the name, I didn't get it right away. Impressive work though. Maybe you should call it 'Leg Olas' ;)

rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

Yeah, I know. But I like the new title:) By the way, the title will be hidden inside the Tee anyways hahahahaha... And if someone don't get the idea i'm sure that you will be proud to say to your friend 'Did you get it? No? Oh man, are you kidding me? LEGO-LAS!' ;)

Thanks for the nice words!


took me a while to figure out what it was, but i really like it, on natural!

andyg profile pic Alumni

I don't understand why this isn't getting more comments. I think it's really fantastic.

rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

I got a good fedback on the critiques, I though it will be more sucessful when it get into the running.... But it is SO COOL to have nice comments about this one, I really really aprecciate it :) Thanks again andyg!

All I have to say is THANK YOU GUYS for the support!


I know so many people who will love this for so many reasons.
Btw, I think you did an awesome job, especially seeing it evolve so much through critiques into something that is fully wearable.


rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

Goldendust on Jul 15 '08
I know so many people who will love this for so many reasons.

I hope they give me a $5 :P

I really enjoy doing this design. If you take a look at the
you can see the evolution through the last 2 months. I am quite happy with the results. And I don't think it will get an awesome score, but it's nice to know that so many people like it. This makes me really happy :)

Just a few hours to finish it. Keep on voting!

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