Elevator Slinky

Design by Griggity

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briancook profile pic Alumni

I like it, and on the red seems good - what bothers me is the way the floor cuts off. I would just take out the white and let the pink and the red of the shirt be the floor - then there's not such a definite edge.


Funny. I giggled. I don't mind the floor that much but Chengui's idea has some merit.

Still a 4.


that's funny! at first i thought it was a lazy slinky, but upon further inspection noticed that he's going up.


Any tee that makes me smile like this one did deserves $5.
Class :)


what walks down the stairs, alone or in pairs..
everyone knows it's...just a big spring :S
and aha, this made me laugh.


'everyone loves a slinky, you gotta get a slinky, slinky, slinky
GO SLINKY GO!' ..i couldn't help myself

walmazan profile pic Alumni

hahahaa, ho man! $5

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

I like the idea of a lazy slinky. Nice!

speedy volvo

I LOVE it!!! Just what I've been looking for...something smart and funny! I'd happily buy that...but if it can be on any color but red, that would be awesome. Great job! $5

Griggity profile pic Artist

I personally like the design on a dark grey shirt but think it works well on almost any color. I just used red cause there really aren't many available on threadless.

Thanks for the feedback!

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

Heh. I too thought it was a lazy slinky which would have made it a bit funnier, but it's still pretty great.


take the floor out or it looks too much like its drawn for a comic

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wow, a ton of detail for such a simple joke! lol. I'd like the ride upward to be a bit more obvious, maybe with an UP highlighted as well near the door. Other than that, a really vibrant and fun-loving tee design.

Neon Samurai

Having just read the comments I think Chengui is on the right track. I think it'd look better without the blob around the tiles. maybe make the coloured tiles the same as the shirt too?


i want to see "ZZzzz" coming from slinky.

I almost think it would be the same joke if it was just the slinky and the ELEVATOR.

Poor guy can't get it up.


There's so much subtlety to this joke that I'd be surprised if this shirt didn't end up available by Christmas.

Griggity profile pic Artist

Wow, thank you for all the positive comments and feedback.


This is so cool! I like it on the grey, the red doesn't look so hot. It looks so cute waiting for the elevator.


I thought he was just being lazy and taking the elevator down the whole time until just now. Id change the arrows, floor #, and stair pic to reflect that. You don't associate slinkies with going up anything.

Griggity profile pic Artist

This is printed over at Loiter if anyone is interested.

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