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This is great!


try wearing this one to a PETA rally


Hahaha, available on any color besides heather.

That's rich.

secretly robots

as has been said, the elephant would look better slanted, and i dont know if anyone else sees this but for a second i thought he was holding a computer mouse.

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i know what you all are saying. really. and beleive me i did try to make the elephant more stubborn by tilting his head u know things like that. but no matter what i did i liked this the best. so i decided to go with it. but thank you all for your constructive nature i really do appreciate it.



Hah, except heather gray.

I like that the guy isn't straining to pull the elephant. It makes the elephant seem as if it's no stronger/heavier than a dog. That seems a bit funnier than if the design showed the realistic ramifications of trying to walk an elephant on a leash. Here, it's no big deal.

"Come on, little guy," he says, and gives the leash a light tug.

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thank you pseudonymjones those are my thoughts exacly!


i heart you because you do not heart heather gray.

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yes i realize that it looks like labels hungry hippo. while working on this i saw his submission and i thought "crap everyones gonna say it looks like that one guys" and they did. that wasnt going to stop from submitting it, even if they are similar in the style they are diffrent. besides i happen to think that labels is much cooler. its more funny.


You should definately make the elephant look aggrivated and have him like... leaning back more. It would be flippin' amazing then. If it was printed, I buy a bazillion.


really cute! nice idea and design…

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