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I really like both of your submissions; your art style is great. The only thing for this one is that maybe it could be a little higher up and have the steam going around the neckline - just because this awesome art should be more focused on the shirt. Keep drawing awesomely! $5




That's three 5s in a row from me.... keep them coming.


I don't like the placement, but that's not a big deal. This is amazing.

valorandvellum profile pic Artist

Thanks for your comments, guys! This was actually my first sub (somehow it got posted 2nd though). Are we allowed to place the design over the neckline? I wasn't sure if we could have it go over seams or not.

Max F
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Elephunky! I like, like, LIKE this design a lot and think it would look quite incredible on a tee of many colors (perhaps red, or green?). You could even add a little man about to be snorted up into the elephant's trunk, but maybe that wouldn't be what you were going for in this drawing. Love your style!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great illustration, needs some sort of background element. it looks a bit lonely on the tee


I think that the elephant should have tusks.
I like it though.

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