Elderly Vampire

Design by Glennz

Elderly Vampire by Glennz on Threadless
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nes-k profile pic Alumni

It's the same as my submission

franx profile pic Alumni

yeah, the concepts are the same but i'm pretty sure it's just a cowinkidink.

flawless as usual man,
nice job.

Glennz profile pic Artist

sorry nes-k, I dont copy people but, I guess there is always a chance that some ideas might be the same, Ive never seen your submission before, apologies

nes-k profile pic Alumni

ok Glennz np

Ava Adore

hahah nice idea


I've been messing around with the concept of Vampire dentures and other problems to be encountered by the elderly undead for a while (but not in t-shirt form)

hope this shirt gets printed so I can use it as evidence that Im not the only one who thinks this way $5


hehehe again i like this alot! and the red is a good thing, not enough red in the world! 5 and buy ca-ching!

d3d profile pic Alumni

i dunno, it's nicely drawn and all but isn't vampire dentistry pretty much covered already?

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