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^ I was thinking the same thing as alacyt
( resembles Sigourney Weaver )


Perhaps if the guitars were sort of growing out of the hair, rather than looking as though they are balancing on her head. I like the far-off liberty spike look of it.


Um, yeah. That's Christina Aguilera. Unless you want it to be her, change the face up some, man.


More lame nitpickyness from a guitar nerd:
I just don't see a girl with that hair style listening to the guitars sprouting out of her head. Most common punk rock guitars: Les Paul, Les Paul Jr, Gibson SG, Fender Telecaster, Gretsch.

Bo Diddly Guitar? No way. Double neck? Nope. Flying V? That's more metal, except for Husker Du of course...


I understand and have no ill-will. It's just messing with my own internal aesthetics. A person with that hair does not equal those guitars for me. I think you could improve the presentation.


good points sammyb


it would be nice on a white shirt with multicolored print
like black, neons, etc. to give it a pop arty look


Is that the late Wendy O Williams?

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