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She Says So

made my mouth water.


i thought extra tasty was about alcohol.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

it doesn't have to be about alcohol. The theme is Extra tasty - the idea, not Extra Tasty - the website.


So why would a site about alcohol want to advertise with a shirt that has no link to or representation of their "product?"


it's about sex? er. no. i see.

nice fruit. nice text, the way it balances the same weight of the line on the other side. nice color. nice texture, you know how when you eat a peach there are those little luscious fibers all juicy, there they are.


Yes, they want anything that fits the theme "extra tasty". I was getting sooo tired of martini glasses and olives! It alright. I give it a 3


I hate the arrow thingy's you put inside of it.


i'd like it better if it wasn't smack inthe middle, not great for girls with a chest


The art itself is incredible, but I feel the eat me phrase is played out.


you should make it on a purple color to get the point across that it is a plum.

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