Easy come, easy go

Design by EatingSnowflakes

Easy come, easy go by EatingSnowflakes on Threadless
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somehow it just doesnt need that extra guy/cloud on the right


I agree: Only the first man is needed. The other guy looks like he's standing on the sidewalk somewhere. It just doesn't fit. I love the man and girl, though.


Love it! I would pick the red and blue balloons.


apparently you guys missed that episode of myth busters. it would take like 200,00o baloons to lift about 40lbs.


i dont get cute... i spose the girl is standing on the cloud? but it kinda looks like she's falling to her death and her dad or whatever is trying to get a balloon to her to save her... but clearly won't... i think its great though!


more balloons and clouds. 0.

chemi hydro

those balloons look like easter jelly bean candy treat stale deliciousness

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