Earth's Last Orbit

Design by cgrein

Earth's Last Orbit by cgrein on Threadless
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I think the concept is silly, but I really like the far right ball that looks like a living tennis ball losing its skin.

Ava Adore



I think i'm in love. I've been working on something similar to this with uncle sam eating the world but your design is FANTASTIC

band-it profile pic Alumni

design is nice, i'd get rid of the sun and the orbit lines. keep the dotted line though.


Meh. The earth's fine. She'll still be here a million years after we kill ourselves off.

.onion profile pic Alumni

Amazing concept, but the style is kind of... too clip-art-y, with all its fine lines and bold colors. I like how the three images are connected, though. I dunno, I think it's the contrast of the colors and the sharpness of it all that throws me off.


i think its awesome. i love the skeleton


the last sphere is particularly awesome.

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