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Kontrastt profile pic Artist

I'm sure aliens are visiting Earth from time to time because they got tired from telepathic communicating, from starving for billions of years because of their high intellectual.
They want to feel, do and taste real things.

Had that idea on my mind for a while, finally decided to realize.
I guess maybe this concept is pretty common, but i love to make thing my way, and hope you love it too. :)


Why rams instead of classical cows or whatever?, because rams meat is the most delicious!, Doesn't much matter how you cook it.
I was living in Israel for 15 years, in the city Nazareth.
The local Arab people there are making Shawarma by the original recipe, with the original shawarma spices, and the basic ingredient - rams meat.
It's the best thing i have ever ate.
all those Shawarma places (made of chicken and beef) here in America , and also all the burgerkings, Mcfattydonald's and Wendys shmendys, are Nothing compare to the Shawarma made from rams meat.
I really miss it. :(

So, if you will ever be to the Middle East, I recommend you to taste Original Shawarma.
And if you currently living in the middle east, you must be enjoying it like everyday haha...

I'm not an Arab (i was born in Ukraine), but i love the Arab nation for their national foods.
And i also believe in PEACE. :)

Sorry if you're drooling from these food sentences, but you should take this advice. ;)


lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

a conceptful design!


Humans would be better. :D

Kontrastt profile pic Artist

humans?.. no, that's evil lol. :D

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool :D :D

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

no speech bubble.

awesome work.





Nice design.


I love Shawarma and I would like to taste the real stuff work

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