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Jemae profile pic Artist


appreciate your vote and comments...thanks! :D


hmmm...sheagle? $4


I really like how you blended the two. Sweet.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni


Kojima profile pic Alumni

Nice patterns. Great masterpiece.

Jemae profile pic Artist

my idea if this will get printed, if!!! .. will be great if Threadless can print this with “gold ink” outline.

thanks guys for liking this! & happy voting! :D

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Alumni

This a nice image, yea it will look really good on a gold ink. I would buy this one! $5

Jemae profile pic Artist

hey guys/girls!

don't worry so much about it… it will look blur from the distance or the bird will look hiding under the boobs for the girl...if this get printed, if!!! i’ll make sure Thread less will print this more bigger than it is! and i don't think there is a problem for Thread less to do that!

is this ok with you guys/girls? anyway tq for your support! :D


Nice one!!!!

yoshi andrian
yoshi andrian profile pic Alumni

WOW! eagle batik! really nice Jemae! 5 and sure buy!
... and i've replied your e-mail :)


I love your design style! But I wouldn't wear this shirt.

Jemae profile pic Artist

"NO AWKWARD LOVE theme!” ?

Are you guys OK that! this is up to individual interpretation/imagination? And this idea/design is only from my imagination. If you saw "Shrek 3" the movie, maybe you know what i mean with this design...the cute little children from awkward love between the Shrek the ogre with Princess Fiona (human) and the Donkey with the Dragon! .. but guys like i said this is up to the individual imagination! TQ! :D

happy voting & thanks! :)

herky profile pic Alumni

great imaginative illustration, $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

You are always super awesome with your crazy combos and different ways you illustrate animals and their inner energies! 4$

Jemae profile pic Artist

tahnks guys! :)

Jemae profile pic Artist

thanks guys! ^ :(

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