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the waffler> thanks!!! and i'm glad it is published...really :-)

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wow! thank you for the comments...i am beginning to love Threadless (i just found this website 3-4 days ago!) it seems that you like it, and i must admit that i'm surprised...well, a very good suprise ;-)

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thanks aliza! the details are because i drew it on paper first! of course we can change the color for the orange ;-)


whoa! a decent pun design? Crazy.




mini dukes III

Awesome, but not on gold, and not my style.


Whoa, sick illustration. I wouldn't wear it, though.


It took me awhile, but I finally saw
the huge eye with its black blood
vessels -- cool image

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thanks again and agin for your comments: that gives me a boost to send other artworks i made :-) helo> eheh, yes it's an hidden stuff , a little psychedelic i guess ^^ dynamo> génial! ca c'est mon premier visu que j'avais envoyé chez la fraise, tiré d'un dessin qui a déja quelques années! le tien est génial, mais je le connaissais déja, gorilllaaaaz :-p (sorry for the french, it was for answering to a nice french lady ^^)


quite nice, will give it 5 but it is also not my style so I wouldn't wear it. I agree with possibly using another color.


Wow, that's awesome!! I also think it would look better on another color though. maybe red or black or something.

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thanks! In black it would be good yes...but can i upload a new version instead ? i am new, i don't know all the rules ;-)


oh@ Rhar is cool. I wasn't sure at first but when someone pointed out that it was also an eye I fell in love :)



Threadless has this on
its submission page at

" Duplicate Submission - Please only submit
your design once and do not submit additional
submissions for changes in color, size or
placement. By slightly changing your design
a little bit based on comments, we still treat it
as a duplicate. If the concept didn't go over well
the first time around, just try something new. "

Yet I've seen duplicate designs & slightly altered
designs make it back into the running. So do
what you like to see what Threadless does.

Since you're new here you should check out
Threadies.org ( take notice it is -->> .ORG ) for
a great list of frequently asked questions and
neat designer tips and tricks.

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Helo, you are the one!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot, you always try to write interesting comments...and you do it very well. (i noticed that you came on my 3 topics artworks, with a great pleasure) So, i go right now to read the FAQ. sparklepunk> i'm happy that people try to read the details like you did, for me "the details make the story" :-)


This design rocks! 5+

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Thanks everybody, i've just put a version (on the blog) with a Black Background to show you a different whole artwork. Just tell me what ya think ;-)


seriously cool concept.

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