E for Elephant

Design by Dunx

E for Elephant by Dunx on Threadless
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love it...you "must" do the whole alfabet


I agree with zenproduct ! please, do "m" like monkey !


As long as there's no "P for Panda"...

Anyways, both your subs are super cute. Keep it up!

briancook profile pic Alumni

I really like these. colors and illustrations are great. The only thing is that I don't know how they would make sense individually. In other words, how Threadless would take on one letter to print and not the others.

D-maker profile pic Alumni
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I donĀ“t like the squred design. The illustration is great.


really nice drawings but I agree that the containing shapes aren't needed.

Very nice design. Your illustrations are elegant but the squares trap them, and the borders around the squares are so thick/heavy in lineweight. Nothing in the picture is as bold/dark as those outlines, so it stands out. Really nice! Try to work outside of the boxes!!!

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