Dweller, Dweller, Body Seller

Design by bengineer

Dweller, Dweller, Body Seller by bengineer on Threadless
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This is my first submission. It's come a long way and many of you did a great job supporting me by critique.
It's 7 colors and a gradient on a cream tee.
Hope you like it :)


only thing bugging med about this one is that the shadows are a bitt messed up. Love the idea though ;)


Ya, I commented in critiques about fixing the shadow, oh well...

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thx for your comments! @isawa and above posts:
i thought about fixing the shadows and even did in illustrator.
but pls consider that if this gets printed the shirt color will be a little different from the template's one. She shadow is supposed to have a slightly darker color than the shirt. This way it won't look as agressive and dominant as in the presentation. and if i'd made it smaller you'd hardly recognize it on the actual tee. that's why i exaggerated it this way.
hope you get what i mean :)


Yup, fix those shadows and yo've got yourself a neat lil creepytime design here.


yeah. it's up. great first sub! loads of love and a 5 from sausage-country!

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thx, hope you like it anyway :P


5$. rock on dude.


my main grouse is not the shadows but the gradient. it seems pretty unnecessary to me,a halftone would have sufficed, cutting down the number of colors.

C Kid

I don't see a problem with the gradient because it is the same grey color used in the tear. No extra color there. Yes, the shadow on the Tee and the shadow on the creature's body have a slightly different angle. But that is an easy fix. This reminds me of the spaghetti scene in Alien. Creepy little creature. Really nice first submission! Keep them coming!


Well executed. I dont see the big deal about the shadows. I would change the shadow on the ripped part as it contradicts the other shadow, but that is barely noticeable. Overall it looks good, and i don't see anything wrong with it.


pretty nice design, i hope you weren't accusing me of copying it.

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no, i didn't, it's alright ;)


cool ;D


The added shadows made a big difference.


Still looks good to me. It's not realistic so the shadow is ok to me.

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what's ".0125"?


excellent design! creepy too yet simple and well executed. great job dood


This is pretty cool, nice job!

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well, not too happy about the score but i think it's ok for a first submission :P thx everybody for scoring!

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haha, just saw this comment :P
for anyone who's interested, i didn't say his sub was bad, i just told him it had been done in a very polite way.
Btw: Here's a link to his first sub :D

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