Dutch Courage

Design by manlooon

Dutch Courage by manlooon on Threadless
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This is a great design, but I don't really care for that yellow color you chose, especially for the ground.


hahaha whoa $5

I'd buy this in a heartbeat.


KHoss: The way that 'the usual' and 'doug' are on different lines, I really don't think that the comma is necessary and that it would look awkward with it. It's a t-shirt, not an english assignment ;)


Adore the idea! :D $5!


he he... i like the worm, and the name... its like a pun in a pun. mr manlooon you are one funny guy, i like your style. $5


Oi, davidkappelt! If you're gonna diss people's hard work on this board at least have the decency to lear how to spell AWFUL!
Top design, looonster! 5$


oh, man. this totally reminds me of this series of stories my dad used to tell to me and my brother when we were little.

it was about this whole other world of animals underground that humans never get to see.

because you have sparked a fit of nostalgia, you get a high score.

manlooon profile pic Artist

The missing comma has been a catastrophic error, I should've paid more attention in English lessons!


Mark Chapman leaving Threadless comments... is that the Mark Chapman that was outside the Dakota Building on December 9th 1980?

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