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Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

Dusty Fingers is an homage to my apparently never ending pursuit of vinyl.

Inspired by countless afternoons in charity shops (thrift shops) endlessly digging through crate after crate of utter tosh in search of an elusive early Pavement release. Roaming through a car boot sale in Budapest on a bleak snowy January morning asking leather-faced Hungarians if they have any copies of Omega's sublime fuzz-drenched lp '10 000 lépés' for sale only to be greeted by looks of utter confusion. Discovering the perfect proto hip-hop break on some cheesy hammond organ party lp only to find Madlib already sampled it. Unearthing a battered copy of that Tom Scott lp with the 'T.R.O.Y' sample on for fifty pence. Regretting your fool-hardy decision to leave behind the 'Dark Star' soundtrack lp because £3 seemed a bit steep at the time never to see it in the wild again.

There are a thousand other stories like this etched in my mind but you get the idea...

Anyone that can name any of the surrounding records is okay by me!

speakerine profile pic Alumni

cool! i love vinyls too!

Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

Dang - sorry about the grammatical error - should be 'a homage'. I think the problem stems from my filthy South London accent - in my head I must've dropped the 'h' when I constructed the sentence....

Oh well. Enjoy!


tu t'appelles comment? melody melody comment? melody nelson

Gainsbarre forever.


Jane too.

v_calahan profile pic Alumni
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Cool illo, soulful…


really nice!

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

I like it

YaaH profile pic Alumni

(●̮̮̃•̃) (●̮̮̃•̃) /█\ ♥/█\

dzeri29 profile pic Alumni

cool :D

mreisel profile pic Alumni


L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

So awesome. Love vinyl. Love beards. Love your style.

YONIL profile pic Alumni

nice illustration

Mr Vela

nice...i like it!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I love how the design gets more and more colorful the closer the design is to the viewer's eyeballs. Really nice character and very reminiscent of High Fidelity in a good way.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Also, When They Reminisce Over You....so goood.

jaypaulo profile pic Alumni

Really nice illustration!!!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

This is awesome!


So cooooool!!!!

Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone! Wasn't expecting much of a response to be honest but it's very welcome.

Only had one positive ID on the lps so far - good work Manupix!

Frickinawesome - I'll take High Fidelity comments happily. And yeah They Reminisce Over You is one of my all time favourite hip hop tracks. Unusually the actual sampled song is a beauty throughout too - sometimes sampled songs are only good for the actual break.


I like it! There's a lot to look at and it makes me smile!


Love the style man! Somehow the character reminds me of Fred Mascherino. :D


Really liking this, from the character on the t-shirt I'm getting some sort of 2010 Jarvis Cocker vibe.

a.d.17 profile pic Alumni

very nice

Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist

Ha ha - didn't notice the Jarvis likeness until you mentioned it! No bad thing though!


Thanks, but I might be considered cheating, since I'm French... ;D


very piet mondrian. nice work.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni
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Love this, the guy reminds me of Jarvis Cocker 5


i like it If you have a minute, please score my design. Bitmap_Car


I digg this. High Fidelity?

MadKobra profile pic Alumni

well i have to say is very original your work also your line work is neat love it. this design has something

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