dusty fencing

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lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Artist

During the beijing oylmpic games held at china, i was facinated by all kind of sport thats perform at the arena. therefore ive come out with an idea like having a little twist on the duel fencing by changing they saber to a feather duster. Both of them trying hard to clean up each other dust thats stick on their uniform.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cool i like it.. heheh funny

zipperking profile pic Alumni

nicely illustrated


cool, i'm pretending it is because they don't want to be tickled

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Artist

thanks everybody!


you got dusted! very nice. well done



lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Artist

love you guys!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

nice score man! I like that many of your designs get next to no comments yet some decent scores! Maybe people are so shocked at the nonchalant awesome and quality of your designs they don't know what to write! Well done, dude.

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Artist

1000 x thanks to everyone who give comment and score to my design!

its more encouraging to see ppl vote and give comment to my design, as i hope i could improve more in the following design ive submited.

so keep it coming!


I love the idea so much! Good one! 5$


:D :D absolutely great! 5$

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