Dumb rain..

Design by Ueno

Dumb rain.. by Ueno on Threadless
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I really like the rabbit, would be better without the skull bubble.


No skull bubble. Great style.

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ah ^__^;; thanks everyone! i thought i might receive really mean comments but i guess not O_O;; (or maybe not yet.)

and ok xD next design i'll try to have more colors and avoid having random ones pop out here and there.

thanks for the feedback!! i appreciate it lots


That is so cute but would be much better if it had more color in it. Definitely lose the skull bubble!! Right now it's a 3 but if those things are done it would be a definite 5!!!!

Ueno profile pic Artist

ok, thank you everyone ^^;!! and yeah most people want more colors i realize.. or at least something that doesnt mix in with the shirt color too much.. i'll always keep that in mind from now on.

Anyway, my next submission will be available (hopefully) in 4-6 more days or so ^_^;.. and it has way more colors~ well, more colorful than this one at least..


Love the illustration, hate the skull bubble, love the rain so I'm not sure if I'd wear it...


Why would you think you'd get bad comments? That illustration is wonderful. Without the bubble, it's a definite $5. I can't wait to see more of your work!!


Whithout the bubble please!

Ueno profile pic Artist

@butterfly - eh i noticed a lot of designers get eaten alive here :( so im seriously not sure what people would find offensive/stupid/awful or whatever. and yeay! yeah i just submitted something new 2 days ago or so.. im hoping it'll show up soonish!

@tiger - yeah i was thinking someone might comment that @_@ well, as for me, i dont really draw umbrellas and so i thought id give it a try anyways xD; and also, its been raining tons here in vancouver, canada sooo.. yeah i thought might as well~ since i was a bit down when i drew that. :) thank you tho.

and to everyone else : thanks! i'll keep your suggestions/feedback in mind.

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odd.. the break tags dont work.. sorry if my replies look smooshed.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

The more I look at this, and less I like the skull bubble. It seems to distract from the actual illustration itself. BUNNY. I'd wear it. :)

Ueno profile pic Artist

waaaaaaah im so sad .. my new sub got declined.. i got confused with the "unique" colors thing. cos here EVERY color is considered unique already. at artschool all shades of red is just red still and thats 1 unique color.... ugh how frustrating..

if anyone wants to check it out its on my blog anyways so you can see it.. but im gonna make another illustration tho... i really really dont want to change the colors.. so meh better to make a new one perhaps :(

and aw thanks guys.. and alright.. this one has hardly any color xD the other one has TOO many colors.. lol.. dies


I like it except for the brown, the design is fine in one color so long as the shirt is a different color

Ueno profile pic Artist

@efaf - well it wasnt meant to be depressing really.. @@ altho, i guess most people would associate it as something depressing or sad.. but it might also be the way i drew the thing altogether.. i wasnt feeling happy when i drew this anyway @@. and yeah i like skewing things a little :P makes it more interesting.
@recherche - oh? what type of animal do you like? i drew a doggie but unfortunately it got declined/rejected cos i got confused with the too much colors thing. some people have like 5 colors and still get accepted so i get seriously confused there. mur. but anyway i should try submitting a new one soon ^^;
i know most of you might like the bunny but i really wouldnt want this one to get printed.. it would be embarassing anyway.. so i'll keep trying submitting better designs/more creative ones at least @_@.

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@sugarkitten - aw thanks! and lol yeah cos i love the japanese cartoons stuff so.. quiteeee influenced by that ^^; and i also draw anime too.. so.. xD;; but heck i'll also try realism tho since i do that as well :D but.. yeah need ideas ^^;;.. and absolutely! i'll try to keep it submitting. im just kinda stuck on ideas i guess cos having lesser color choices makes things harder for me..

Ueno profile pic Artist

oh wow, i thought it'd end tonight or something. i have another submission coming up.. i think i'll be done by tomorrow hopefully ^^;

and thankssssss :) laloca.

Ueno profile pic Artist

thank you hannieo. ^^

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