Duel au soleil

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Duel au soleil by c-royal on Threadless
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c-royal profile pic Artist

Here's the plot : While he were taking a sunbath on the beach, Gustave heard some rude man beeing very impolite with a lady in a bikini. He had no alternative but to challenge the unkind fella to a duel in the sun. A tea only a thrue gentlemen can wear.


I love it


Awesome mix of vintage and modern!!!

d3d profile pic Alumni

nice style on the combatants, but kind of a shame their arms are incomplete, and it's a pity the squirt guns don't match their line art.

c-royal profile pic Artist

I dont agree, I don't see the point of showing the arms when it has to focus on their look and guns, I could have show their entire body as well but it wouldn't help in anyway. And I chose to draw the guns with contrast in mind, colorful childish round guns in serious retro manly hands of gentlemen. nevertheless I can improve a bit in the connection feeling in the arms while still not showing the full arm... Happy some peole criticize, I sometimes feel like it's forbidden here because no one does. :)

c-royal profile pic Artist

Hey Leon, just saw that you're the one that created the pistols at dawn design, I've seen it after I got the idea while searching if this had already been made, just to say it's cool that you took a look on mine cause they are quite similar yet with different concepts and styles, and I kinda admire people that have been printed here!




Great linework, keep 'em coming


Terrific sub! The contrasting styles is what was needed to make this concept work. Love it! :)


Brutal! $5!

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