Drunk Monk

Design by Musarter

Drunk Monk by Musarter on Threadless
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ORabbit Designs

I love this. Of course, I used to work at Ommegang.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

The drinking mouse is awesome!!!


Great! - wishing the background wasn't squared but otherwise an awesome design!

Musarter profile pic Artist

Cool guys thanks for the support so far.

Craquehaus- I know the box motif is generally frowned upon around here but I thought it worked well in this context. The box composition was important to the concept of the Monk breaking from conformity or from everyday living. I am glad you like it otherwise.

Thanks again for the support.

Zombunstein profile pic Alumni

Really like this :)


Its liquid bread, so you know this monk is in a constant state of hammered-ness. Great illo, 5$

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

Nicely illustrated.

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