drum 'n bass

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I agree with the Gorillaz comment. Great design regardless.

flembo profile pic Alumni

yeah dude. this stuff is killer.

KID_Z profile pic Artist

yeah i understand about the gorillaz thing. i wanted to do it in a similar style but with my characters. is that a really a copyright breach or in bad taste? if so, please explain. thanks for the comments so far and if you haven't seen the drummerbear by itself before, it's here: http://www.threadless.com/submission/17028.html and the original sketch: http://www.deviantart.com/view/4697381/ (i'ts too bad they didn't make it, maybe someday).


still gettin 5's form me, kid.. but I hope they print the solo bear (i gave that 5 n buy) :)


love, love, looooove!!! The green one and the yellow one.


I like the red and green. both 5. post more.

Ava Adore

love your designs!!!
id buy


I love the design! Yeah, I immediately thought Russel, but it doesn't bother me too much. The bassing looks cool by himself, but the two designs on the top right I'm not liking. I'd buy it with both members or individual ones. 5!


if i didnt know anybetter i would think its Gorillaz. no points for originality.

nice rendering though.


God, but I wish I'd grabbed this shirt in time. I'm glad you went with the golden color. There are too many tans and sages and faded blues. If my bank account had had 5 more dollars yesterday, I'd be waiting for one of these to arrive.

Top notch.

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