Driving For Ideas

Design by showcorvettelove

Driving For Ideas by showcorvettelove on Threadless
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I kike the design, I would just work on the lighbulb.


too many colors


So you draw a Corvette with a lightbulb behind it. And that's supposed to make sense? NOT! 0


Haha, thanks for making me laugh today, buddy. And I know it's not true, you would've kept your pie-hole shut otherwise. And I wasn't even aware of the fact that you're the one that bashed my submissions for no good reason. So you really made my day. Now shut up and goabd try to make something good, little puppy.


Black, white, several red and greys, the shadow color... I don't know if Threadless puts dithering in their designs but they'd have to for this to work, like Kinnerean says.

Anyway not a bad design at all, 4.

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