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gmaxis - thanks

quaycur - oops , yes is a mistake. Supposed to be in the same colour with the tee.


would like it without the text though, or maybe change the font of the text...


The posture of the girl seems closed and in protection mode. So when it's combined with "Dream on" it's hard to tell if she's encouraging us to keep dreaming of wonderful things related to space exploration or if she's telling us to forget the idea of getting to know her better.


Her posture seems very fitting in a Japanese "dreaming" kinda way. (After living in Japan you might understand)


also...don't like the font of the "dream" perhaps streamline it so it matches the curves of her leg (I would like to say remove it all together...but that would be too threadless of me). Other than that, nice design


i like it


i love everything except the harsh solid text bubble... the remaining elements seem so perfect and graceful... and then there's that blob plopped right on top..it is too overpowering =\ I hope this gets resolved! I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it were

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1 design submitted - Score Now!

Thanks moviedent , xiiiin , natahshka and everyone else who had voted for me.

(an advance) Happy new year to you guys and folks from threadless. :D


gorgeous design!


awww damn why didnt this get much comments? it has an awesome drawing~! the feet look a bit too flat tho .. but still great~ i love the lineart at the back!



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