Dreamlike irony

Design by xenhook

Dreamlike irony by xenhook on Threadless
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dang ol, looks good


Love the colors


Wow...this is a breathtaking design. Like the message too. Brown is nice, but how about army as a shirt color?

Def. a 5 and a buy from me :)

Darkie profile pic Alumni

Can't wait till it's printed. Great concept and execution, 5$

xenhook profile pic Artist

Thanks for all your nice comments!


This is so beautiful. I love how the grass gives the shirt a nice, serene feel to it. As well as, I love the contrast of life and death, along with reality and fantasy. $5


It's fantastic, except I think the horse looks a lil weird. The right half looks as though it's facing the blast, the left looks like it's facing away (and looking kinda over it's shoulder). I dunno, something about the front legs maybe. I'd buy and wear, weird horse or not.

Ava Adore

veryvery awesome, great shadows


I LOVE IT! Absolutely perfect!. $5 and I'd buy it for sure.


Taking the individual elements of this design I wouldn't expect to have liked it. However, I am actually genuinely touched by it, which is a first. A lot of 'message' tees go around threadless and I generally feel apathetic towards them, like I'm sick of being assaulted into caring (harsh, I know) but your design is not preachy, it's just well executed and presented simply, giving it space to breathe. I genuinely hope it gets printed. Congrats! $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think i had this dream like a week ago...you'll be hearing from my lawyers from Tinkertoy & Flufernutter!!! I love the dark-colored reflections on the fantasy world staring out at their doomed fates. It's like the doomsday scenario from The Neverending Story 2.0!!! 4$ and a "BUY" icon.

xenhook profile pic Artist

Many many thanks for all these comments! That touches me a lot especially disillutionned, lovesushi, thalia em...!


$5 . I would be tempted to buy 2 of these! one for me to wear and another to wear while the first one was being washed!


can we make the bunny a jackalope?

if not it's still a $5


i'm in love.


thats beautiful. id buy it.

xenhook profile pic Artist

Yeah that's awesome! Many thanks to everybody who scored me and put some comments! ;)


Well, I'm pretty new ro Threadless, so...it doesn't say "This design won!" on the top of the scoring, does this mean it won't be printed? That would be an awful shame...
I usually don't like warm colors like those you used in the design, but I would instantly buy it the moment it gets printed. It's just perfect.


...I still want this f'ing shirt... :'-(




i still think this design is amazing and beautiful.

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