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Dream of the Internet

Design by Operator

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From the shirt:
Hey Alexa! Whats up?
I was lounging around myspace, looking through my facebook, and I remembered that I haven’t talked to you in a while. I had this crazy dream last night. It was all on this ebay surrounded by a rainforest, complete with this blue-fronted amazon bird. Up atop this mountain was some yahoo dancing and down below there was a digg near this youtube which kids were skating on. I also saw craigslist apparently, whoever that is. To top it all off there was a sweet orkut out in the ocean, crazy huh?

I tried to google the stuff in my dream to figure out how it call connects...
maybe you can figure it out, you’ve always been good with this stuff!

Catchya later Alexa!
I think it's self explanatory :)


much too much text..


you have valid idea but as trindli said, too much text

Operator profile pic Artist

Actually it's "I saw craigslist." It does have a lot of text relative to most t-shirt designs you see on Threadless but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's different. The "letter" she's writing is simply part of the whole, it's not like it even needs to be read.


I'm not sure if gmail's going to want to advertise for other web sites... I do like the girl though.


Way too many words


But I do like the art.

Operator profile pic Artist

Everyone knows that the Threadless community as a whole is mostly against text, words, and any combination of said character arrangement. With that said, feel free to imagine this design without the "letter" as it still works just fine. Thank you :)


If you're going to include that much text, it should be worth reading.


Cosign? Are you taking out a loan?

I don't these kids and their wacky slang.

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