Dream Catcher

Design by zenbolic vision

Dream Catcher by zenbolic vision on Threadless
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i love the elements of this design but on a shirt, maybe, it would look better only one of them and bigger, not all together.

olie! profile pic Alumni



I dunno, I'm diggin the composition on this one. The overall effect is really dope. 5 Stars from me! Center t-shirt on black works best in my humble opinion.

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

though about every symbol alone but i wanted this design to be rich and full of contrast and something i spend big effort doing it so they all resembles different strokes and style,, so its suppose to be visuals over contrast with their complex composition


I don't like those eyeballs - appart from that it's cool.


I'm with ahillo1... Dreamcatchers, while usually used by the average yobbo (including me) as home decor, are sacred objects to the people who created them.

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

sorry if u both fine it offended its just symbolic design and something with new taste and high contrast its not bout being offensive i appreciate all the comments and taste tho :) thanks all

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