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it's all about the pen seal. only a true artist can figure out all the rest of the drawing-themed puns. i've always been a fan of designs that get people to ask you "hey what is that?"

for my original sketch: http://tinyurl.com/dpg-sketch
for a zoom of this design: http://tinyurl.com/dpg-zoom


I love the creativity, man.


Si...you rock! The Pen-Seal is awesome!

postscript ROT

wtf i know i typed more than that

postscript ROT

maybe i've been out of the loop too long, but is there no longer a limit on the number of colors you can use?


Huh...I always thought 5, and 6 with permission or something. How does it work?

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Don't worry, the colors can be re-arranged to fit whatever the current requirements are (it says 8 on the sub page)

Operator profile pic Artist

That would be a good one if there was a way to visually convey a feeling of being composed.

Mr Genious: at least spell genius correctly, or is that the whole point? Either way: thanks for nothing :)

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