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The similarity to clever disguise struck me too, before I even read any comments, but really I think a different color palette is all that's needed to fix that.

mezo profile pic Alumni

It's like Pandamonium & Chinese Dragon got drunk one night, bumped shirt uglies, and 9 months later THIS SUB was born! 2

mezo profile pic Alumni

*chinese dragon = clever disguise

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I like the design, but I can only give you a 2 for lack of originality. If you're paying tribute, then that's cool, very cool. But you know as well as I do that you can't expect this to print.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Super mighty frightening resemblance to those two shirt designs.


WAY TO RIP OFF PANDAMONIUM!!! Man, I'm glad that NO ONE has said that yet.


"either it was very influenced or the hugest coincedence ever"

Okay, that's just silly. Two designs with similar content sharing a color scheme is definitely NOT the hugest coincidence ever. That's like saying that having two blue ocean designs is a HUGE COINCIDENCE. It's not. Certain items lend themselves more to certain color schemes.

The similarities between this, Pandamonium, and Clever Disguise have been established. Posting comments simply saying "Um, Pandamonium?" doesn't bring anything new to the conversation, it doesn't investigate whether or not the design was actually intentionally copied or designed with those previous designs in mind, and it doesn't help the designer make the image stronger or more original.

Honestly, it just makes you look like a prick who loves feeding your own ego by putting down other people.

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