Dragon bath

Design by nes-k

Dragon bath by nes-k on Threadless
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You're too modest; you have a pen, a tee and a very fine style of typography!

Neon Samurai

Love it.

Though I can kind of see what carmencita is saying. Shouldn't be too hard to address though (should you choose to) by sticking it on a blue shirt using your brown for the volcano and white for the clouds (or something). Anyway you're the one with the artistic talent, you figure it out.


ROFL Slippers.

I Love It!


Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Maybe put a little texture on the volcano to make it pop out more like a volcano?


This is a great design! Personally I wouldnt change a thing...
Technically, only the clouds and the 'cano are the same color...the sky is most definately brown/gray...lol, but who's being picky?

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