Dr Stangelove & the Ping Pong

Design by Robsoul

Dr Stangelove & the Ping Pong by Robsoul on Threadless
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staffell profile pic Alumni

I love this its fantastic

grayehound profile pic Alumni

If you don't get the political side of this, it doesn't matter. The drawing works so well without any background info. Incredible drawing, Rob, and really nice color choices. Totally a 5$

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni


JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

I really need a shirt with ping pong players goin at it. The poses are strong, the expressions are superb adn the colors work great. It's wonderful. 5$

Robsoul profile pic Artist

yeah about the poses, real ping pong players are like crouched ninjas but try to imagine GWB and Kim Jong Il, they'd be standing up straight and not really know what's going on.

I guess, I dunno.

I think I'm going to make another ping pong shirt that is a little more serious and put some more time into it.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments guys & gals.


really cool. i'm pretty apolitical too so its good the players aren't obviously charicatures.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

beauty!!!! good job sir

franx profile pic Alumni

nice one!

asher27 profile pic Alumni

omg. the fact that this shirt has more meaning that what i originally got from it makes it a 5.

wow. thats some serious skill... im in awe.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Great s**t here dude. You hit the mark yet again!!

Robsoul profile pic Artist

^^ yeah, that's what everyone else has said too, whatever though, it's not like if you wore the shirt someone would say "hey that's Kim Jong and GWB" I guess I need to make his face wider, his eyes closer together and more scewed, maybe adjust the nose a little.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

and the bikini machine... i saw that movie a year of so ago with my roomates, awesome!


Good stuff, nice use of the shirt color. pong rules


I kinda like it, but I wish the Dr. Strangelove influence was stronger.
Oh, and not that it matters, but most ping pong tables are blue, and the rackets red and black.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

I know kidaro, I just did it off the cuff, a quick sketch. I did do the research, but kept it like an amateur tournament, like the tables you find in hotels when you go on vacation. I'm redoing this sub so it is far more professional.


XD they aren't very like them selves- but i like that...cus then If I dont' wnat to wear a political statement...i can get by pretending they are just two goofy people.
Really nice $5

Robsoul profile pic Artist

that would be awesome: mcenroe vs what her name??? chris evert, no ,,, ah, martina navratilova

Steak Jones

i dont really like this, the players dont look like themselves and this has nothing to do with strangelove. it does look nice on the red though


ah ha ha


wish this could be printed :(


too funny - they dont even need to be world leader people - the illustration itself is great!

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