Dr. Jekyl / Mr. Party

Design by AlexMacDuff

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AlexMacDuff profile pic Artist

During the day, he is mild mannered Dr. Jekyl...
But when the lights go out, he becomes... Mr. Party!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

hahahah Stache is ftw

AlexMacDuff profile pic Artist

orwell, it's just supposed to be spilt drink or possibly drool. it wasn't meant to be anything nasty, although i guess spittle is a little nasty


I thought the things on his lapel were pin badges of a musical note & a wonky upside down martini glass!

I like it.

AlexMacDuff profile pic Artist

This is an entry for the Hot Chip loves Threadless contest. The theme is "innovative use of glow-in-the-dark." Hence all the glow designs floating about on Threadless right now.


I didn't even notice that was the 'LOVES' theme.
I was so weirded out by all the glowing shirts :x

staffell profile pic Alumni

lol@ mr party

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