Dr. Internet and The Bionic Wonders

Design by ronlewis

Dr. Internet and The Bionic Wonders by ronlewis on Threadless
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Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

I'll say it again, your work rocks. $5 from me. Look forward to your next sub (wink nudge etc...)

ronlewis profile pic Artist

thanks your on top of things as always
Just want to put out there that I have combos for this design in my profile.
So lets get it on, I look forward to all comments and crtics. thanks in advancee


How was that "constructive or respectful"? Why don't yo ulike it? What do you think could be changed/improved about it? Those are the kinds of things you should be saying, and if you don't, then you probably should say anything at all.

Nice design, btw. 4 from me! :)

ronlewis profile pic Artist

thats is a good idea ^ wish i was smart enough to think of it. Nice

Luke... profile pic Alumni

the revisions are great...strong piece...i like the confusion that the characters seems to have...the bots dont seem to understand the boss, as shown by the transparent speech bubble...nice colrs and nice use of repitive shape...

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Chris Ware! Now THAT is a compliment...one I agree with.

The faces on the bots brings it all together nicely. Bold, sinple and stylish with a vaugue, but interesting idea. Going for three outta four, huh? :)


I'd like it better if Dr. Internet had an actual face.



great work. i liked it before, and i love it now that the good Doctor isn't skewering the robot with his right arm.


staffell profile pic Alumni

Now i think about it, I'd like to see one ofthe robots' heads angled slightly down and looking at some sort of object on the table.....but what I do not know!

BTW, how the hell did you get so many votes/comments in such a short space of time?

mezo profile pic Alumni

GREAT revision of the bot heads!

Also, besides the color, concept, pristine linework...the best part of this is the environment you created & how it fades out.

Stop being so gee dee awesome.

WHOAH! I just noticed the detail of the top of the battery. Nice.

Five n' Buy as if you didn't know.


Its great in the fact that no one knows whats going on. 5$


I love the colors !

ronlewis profile pic Artist

I thought it would score low . . . all well better luck next time.


this is still one of my favorite submissions

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